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Baria: "Hateful threats should have no place in our discourse"

Rep. David Baria, D-Bay St. Louis, issued a statement Friday stating, “Hateful threats should have no place in our discourse and I think part of the responsibility is on us as public officials to call this behavior out when it happens. … This week demonstrates that we need all good Mississippians to keep doing good work and remain vocal.”

WLOX: David Baria announces Senate candidacy

Baria, who's served in the state legislature since 2008 looks to Alabama for optimism after seeing Doug Jones win last year. 

"What Alabama showed us is that if you have a far-right candidate that people are going to gravitate toward the more moderate candidate," Baria said. 

While Baria works to win the Democratic primary, he'll be watching what is expected to be an extremely competitive and expensive campaign between incumbent Roger Wicker and Chris McDaniel on the Republican side. 

"By the time those two guys are done I think there will be some space in the middle for a moderate Democrat, and that's what I am," Baria said. 

Mississippi Today: David Baria Enters Senate Race

“I want to give voters a true choice, and I plan to spend the campaign listening to voters and working hard to earn their trust,” Baria, D-Bay St. Louis, said Wednesday afternoon in a statement.

Baria has served in the state House since 2012 and has served as minority leader since 2016. He previously served a single term in the state Senate.